About M-ManLA

Markeyse Jamar Mundy, known as the entity, M-ManLA, was born on November 1, 1985 in Los Angeles,California. Music has been a part of M-ManLA's life since a little kid,banging on everything from pots and pans to drums and keyboards while in his childhood. "I guess I just like to make noise", M-ManLA replied. “My mom and grandmother said that they had got sick of me making useless noise(Laughs)”. That would lead to the rising star today, creating music in what he calls “The Matrix”, in today’s realm of digital music, where M-ManLA makes music of rhythm and electro-grooves, where he compose, produce, and engineers his own music. “I can’t even define myself in a genre”, he replies. “I just play on the keyboard what I feel, and then it translates into whatever my fingers put down.I (fuse) multiple genres that create my (signature) sound that people will hear”.M-ManLA plays around in everything from Hip-Hop to Techno to R&B. “I’m just glad people like the music I create, because it is far from what is on the radio right now and on the scene of music. My compositions will be different from anything anyone has heard, and I really mean that in a good way”. M-ManLA is currently working on a few projects, including his debut album, “The Entity of M-ManLA”, which is set to release this year.


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